Acoufelt is all about
Making Quiet

With over 30 years in architectural design fabrics, textiles and acoustic materials, Acoufelt has developed a strong understanding of how to reduce noise for the residential, hospitality, workplaces and education spaces. That knowledge has informed how Acoufelt has developed as a noise reduction business – incorporating materials for all surfaces, (Floor, Wall and Ceiling), our Acoustic FWC Philosophy™.

Customer service is at the heart of the Acoufelt offering. We pride ourselves on being easy to work with and finding solutions to you problems is our first priority.

The demand for collaborative working and learning spaces has led to more open-plan work spaces which in turn have become noisy due to increased interactions. Noise reduces productivity so to maximise the benefits of collaborative spaces, noise reduction materials to be used in those spaces to make them quiet.

Julian Treasure is an advocate for designing spaces with the ears

There has traditionally been a trade-off between designing for acoustic and designing for aesthetics. Acoufelt has printing capability which means acoustic materials can be printed to look like almost any aesthetic material without significantly reducing their acoustic performance. This means that there doesn’t need to be a trade-off. Designers can design both for the ear and the eye.

The question is how do we make these shared spaces quieter?

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