People are the heart of our company because People is Business and Business is People.

We have a quote in our company “To Achieve Your Dream, You Need a Team!”

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet. With over 30 years in architectural design fabrics, textiles and acoustic materials, Acoufelt has developed a strong understanding of how to reduce noise for the residential, hospitality, workplaces and education spaces. That knowledge has informed how Acoufelt has developed as a noise reduction business – incorporating materials for all surfaces, (Floor, Wall and Ceiling), our Acoustic FWC Philosophy™.

We hold integrity, passion, humility and a willingness to learn as the most important values of a team member.

Acoufelt prioritizes work-life balance as the key to career fulfillment and team member happiness, nurturing both well-being and personal life through schedule flexibility, weekly instructor-led fitness classes, family-focused benefits programs, and so much more that we can’t list everything!

Our success, growth and global market leadership largely depends on the energy and efforts of all our employees serving our customers. Our people are instrumental in making Acoufelt a great company and brand.

At all levels, our people are the heart of our company and they always will be. There’s something fundamental that unites us in a common cause: every one of us is working to deliver exceptional customer care and service. That means our people are the key determinant of our continuing success.

Acoufelt Culture
Acoufelt Culture

We have an extremely diverse customer base and, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction, we also encourage diversity within our organisation.

We take pride in supporting employees from different backgrounds with different life experiences and we work in partnership with local organisations to engender such a culture.

Our commitment to equal opportunities and creating a supportive, flexible working environment has earned us the reputation of a preferred employer.

This commitment and the creativity of all our people has enabled Acoufelt to grow into an exceptional organisation and global brand. As such we are continually looking for outstanding people who would like to join us and contribute to Acoufelt’s ongoing success.