Acoufelt Collaborates with Detroit-Based dPOP – Media Release

Acoufelt is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Detroit-based workplace + experiential design firm, dPOP.

Through this unique partnership, dPOP’s industrial + experiential designers are thoughtfully compiling a collection of trend-inspired patterns and colorways for Acoufelt’s acoustic product line.

Acoufelt’s high-resolution printing capabilities means graphic designs can be applied to materials without impacting their acoustic performance. As such, soft sound-absorbing materials can even be printed to simulate aesthetically-pleasing hard materials, like brickwork or woodgrain. This same printing technology can also be used to develop sound-absorbing photographic feature walls and noise-dampening logo fixtures.

“The partnership between Acoufelt and dPOP is nothing short of exciting. The values, brand, and culture of both firms align very closely,” says Ben Grace, Cofounder and Director of Acoufelt. “I look forward to the design partnership with CEO Melissa Price and to launching some amazing acoustic products from the North American markets to the rest of the world.”

dPOP CEO Melissa Price, from her experience as facilities director for Quicken Loans, knows the value of acoustics. “This partnership is important because acoustics are such a crucial component to creating environments that empower employees to do their best work. By elevating the design of these sound-dampening tools, we can enhance the experience and functionality of a space,” she explains.

With expertise in speccing these materials, the dPOP team is contributing a broad range of artistic variation to Acoufelt’s product offerings to meet the diverse needs of design professionals throughout the industry.

“We are really impressed by the passion, knowledge, and design experience displayed by Melissa and her team at dPOP,” expresses Ben Grace. “I am sure that combination of dedication and capability will prove truly beneficial to our mutual clients in the future”.

About dPOP

dPOP develops purposeful workspaces that authentically enhance each client’s unique brand + business operations through ultra-custom designs. Exercising an elevated understanding of functional space, dPOP uses leading research + tools to assess the ways people interact with the work environment. Their findings inform strategic workplace designs that not only deliver immersive brand experiences, but also optimize employee productivity + creativity.

About Acoufelt

Acoufelt has developed the Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy for treating unwanted noise in workplaces, residences, and educational facilities. Recognizing that all surfaces in a room reflect noise, Acoufelt’s acoustic materials can be applied to floors, walls, and ceilings to deliver a complete solution.

Acoufelt is establishing a global reputation for their “Making Quiet” product collection. Now working with dPOP, a lot more “Making Quiet” products can be expected in Michigan and beyond.

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