When two natural disasters join, like drought and unprecedented wild fires strikes in Australia, we often feel helpless and unable to make a difference. But Acoufelt believes that corporate social responsibility means finding a way to become involved.

As a global firm with roots and a significant presence in Australia, Acoufelt has a strong sense of social responsibility. This has been reflected in the company’s commitment to the Rapid Relief Team.

“We are a family business, not a soulless corporate. The common values of our wider family run inextricably through the values of the Acoufelt brand” says Mr Ben Grace, Global Managing Director speaking on behalf of the global Board of Directors. “When we see what these extreme weather occurrences, we don’t see statistics, we see devastation of families. Families like yours; families like mine. Our thoughts and prayers go to our customers, families and friends affected by the current fire and drought disaster in Australia. As an Acoufelt team and company, we are announcing that we have made a small donation of AUD25,000 to the Rapid Relief Team Ltd (RRT) Australia to show our thoughts and support for their support to the authorities tackling this tragic and unprecedented situation. A thanks to the firefighters who are putting their lives at risk, to protect ours.”.

The response from Acoufelt was to financially support the Rapid Relief Team and challenge suppliers, customers, partners and friends to do the same.

The Rapid Relief Team is helping the people affected by these horrific wild fires in Australia across states and territories. Their international mantra is “Serving people with care and compassion in times of need”. Shelters are open, truckloads of supplies are being distributed and volunteers continue to work around the clock as they face this continuing situation in the coming months.

To find out more about the Rapid Relief Team and their specific national operations, Operation Fire Relief, focused on this disaster, visit: https://www.rapidreliefteam.org/blog/appeal/operation-fire-relief/

Photo Credit: CNN
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