Acoufelt Acoustic Art Curation Policy


  1. The objective of the Acoufelt Acoustic Art project is to provide architects and designers a range of exceptional acoustic art pieces that can be used as acoustic treatments for living, learning and working spaces.
  2. Curators will select the elite group of artists of a very high standard and international reputation.
  3. Curators will be anonymous, their criteria beyond what is here publicly disclosed will be kept secret.
  4. The curation and selection process will seek to establish a diverse range of art of an exceptional standard for designers, architects and their clients.
  5. Artists selected will be invited privately and confidentially to be involved with the Acoufelt Acoustic Art project, but if they decline the offer, it will remain confidential.
  6. Artists that have declined an offer will not receive another offer.
  7. Curators will not accept submissions, applications or recommendations for, from, or on the behalf of any artist.
  8. Artists trying to influence the curation and selection process will be excluded from it.
  9. The decision of the curators is final and not open to review, discussion or appeal.

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