Acoustics and Minimalism form Fracture

The Acoufelt™ Fracture Collection of acoustic panels delivers on both acoustics and modern minimalist design. As a thought leader in the industry, Acoufelt™ is constantly bringing new innovative solutions to the marketplace – all aimed at eliminating compromise. This beautiful pattern featured in a fifteen solid colour palette on the high-performance 0.64 NRC acoustic panel is a holistic solution, designed for the ears as well as for the eyes.

The distinguishing indented ‘Fracture’ pattern provides visual texture, helping architects and designers eliminate the trade-off between acoustic and aesthetic demands. Featured in fifteen carefully selected colorways, Fracture panels can be installed to suit the aesthetic requirements of any working, learning and living space.

The Acoufelt™ Fracture range is driven by market need for a wall product design that is as sophisticated as it is timeless. It represents the break in the traditional paradigm where aesthetic appeal has traditionally been given priority over acoustic performance. The beveled chevron pattern visually ‘Fractures’ the panel, but the nomenclature was predominantly inspired by the ‘Fracture’ of sound caused by the panel’s superior acoustic properties.
Acoufelt™ Fracture panels achieve an NRC of 0.64 when installed with an airgap in accordance with instructions using the magnetic mounting system. When directly stuck, they achieve a base NRC of 0.45.

In combination with other products in the Acoufelt™ range, the Fracture acoustic panel delivers a holistic and integrated Acoustic FWC™ solution – allowing architects and designers to use the floor, walls and the ceiling to absorb unwanted noise. Acoufelt™ Fracture acoustic panels can help you fracture one of the barriers to good design; the challenge of Making Quiet™.

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