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Our People

Andrew Raffel - Acoufelt
Andrew Raffel
Design Engineering Manager
Trisha Alexander
National Sales Manager – Americas
Alistair Dent
Chair Of The Board
Jean Roukounakis
Office Admin & Finance Support
Barry Truan
Global Director
James Truan
Executive Director
Sara Pahla
Customer Care Officer
Kristi Rubino - Acoufelt
Kristi Rubino
Director of Marketing
Phil Grace
Co-Founder, Global Director
Michelle Martin - Acoufelt
Michelle Martin
Business Development Coordinator
Carrie Spooner - Acoufelt
Carrie Spooner
National Sales Support
Greg Neilson
Regional Sales Leader
Sarah Myers
Keenan Druce
Graphic Designer
Jiwon Han - Acoufelt
Jiwon Han
Design Manager
Natasha Mills
Financial Controller – AU
Karina Deboar
Product Development Manager
Andy Ursell - Acoufelt
Andy Ursell
Manufacturing Manager
Ronald Truan
Regional Sales Leader
Lucy Truan
Marketing Administration
Lucy Pittman
Global Marketing Manager
Clara Green
Clara Green
Market Development
Linda Green
Benjamin Barrett
Customer Care Lead
Nereo Castelli
Senior Acoustic Consultant
Fred Zamani - Acoufelt
Fred Zamani
Business Development Manager
Travis Truan - Acoufelt
Travis Truan
Production Technician
Verne Markham
Managing Director – Americas
Erica Fleck - Acoufelt
Erica Fleck
Marketing Manager
Ben Grace
Global Managing Director
Adrian Stead
Kuan Wen Chiu - Acoufelt
Kuan-Wen Chiu
Product Design Director
Anthony Wallis
Rsp Manager – Latin America
Andrea Carnwath
Business Development Coordinator
Peter Marzato
Business Development Manager
Bob Truan
Operations Manager, Americas
Brett Harris

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