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Acoufelt Announces Alejandro Avakian as 2019 Foundational Artist

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Acoufelt is very pleased to announce that highly acclaimed Argentinian artist, Alejandro Avakian, has been appointed as one of a select group of artists joining Acoufelt’s Acoustic Art Project as a 2019 foundational artist.

This celebrated group of exceptional foundational artists already includes Australian artists Helene Hardy, Drew Harrison and Ross Morgan – all representing vastly different styles and authenticity befitting of foundation artists in this prestigious international art initiative.

Alejandro Avakian brings a unique perspective to the project. His expressionist pieces harness bold strokes full of energy, colour, and life. Born in 1959 and based in the Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Barracas, Alejandro has been painting since he was 27, which included a 5 years stint in Brooklyn, New York. He has hosted many solo exhibitions across Argentina and the USA, with his paintings held in collections all over the world.

“We are delighted that our curators selected Alejandro to join the project”, says Ben Grace, Co-Founder and Global Managing Director of Acoufelt. “His work gives the collection a new dimension, and will provide architects and designers with additional artistic options as they look for acoustic solutions for their clients”.

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ in working, learning and living spaces. Taking a holistic and integrated approach to solving acoustics problems, this is guided by the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC™ philosophy, which involves looking at all surfaces of a room as an opportunity to eliminate noise. Through world class thought leadership, Acoufelt brings unique solutions to market to help architects and designers eliminate compromise; allowing them to design for the ears as well as for the eyes.

The Acoustic Art Project is comprised of works from a limited number of exceptional artists, making them available to clients as individual pieces of Acoustic Art. Each piece has been printed on acoustic material using a hi-resolution printing technique; a process we call QuietPrint™. This printing process has no substantial impact on the acoustic performance of the material, turning the reproductions into instantaneous acoustic treatment devices. As such, architects and designers can choose contemporary artwork prints that deliver instant action to reduce noise in working, learning and living spaces.

“We have entered into commercial arrangements with a group of amazing contemporary artists, specifically selected through our tightly-controlled curation process. Individuals can choose from a range of designs that suit the needs of any space – without having to worry about copyright issues” says Ben Grace. “We have taken care of that. All you have to do is flick through our catalogue of images and start Making Quiet!”.

To view Alejandro’s Acoustic Art collection, click below.

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