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Carpet Tiles

The great cities of the world provide inspiration for design and beauty. However, they can also be places of relentless noise. Heavy traffic and overpowering crowds provide the background din over which armies of merchants spruik their wares. Yet in almost every city, there is a quiet and beautiful place where people can find refuge from the busyness of the city. Out on the harbor in Sydney, in the ancient cobblestone backstreets of Milan, or maybe a blossoming Parisian garden. These urban oases provide the inspiration for the Acoufelt Urban range.


Look at a gravel driveway, a well-kept lawn or a forest floor in autumn. The grey stone gravel of the driveway covers the ground like a single sumptuous blanket running from the road to the house. It is elegant, it is harmonious and it is as one. Look closer and you see the driveway is made up of different sized gravel. There are many different shapes, different shades of stone, different sizes. Look at the lawn and you will see irregular blades of grass. Look at the floor of a Plane Tree forest and you will not see a single orange leaf that looks exactly like another. It is the way with nature. We see unity in difference.

Dark and light tufting moving in rhythmic but random harmony expressing the essence of life in a way that is universally embraced. Latin dance is the inspiration of this ubiquitous floor covering. It can be used in so many different applications with stunning results. An elegant but neutral expression of polytonal design. Latin dance is an expression of life. It is all about moving to the rhythm of life. But to move to the rhythm of life, you have to hear it. Stop. Be still. Hear your heart.


Inner-city high-rise developments have resulted in new and interesting working, learning and living spaces. People in close proximity need soothing aesthetics and the ability to find a quiet place to think. Such has been the inspiration for the MultiStorey range.

Highlights flicker through the natural colors of water and stone to create a surface that is comforting and familiar. It seems so natural that we feel welcomed and embraced. Water glistening on stone, the natural speckle of granite and sun-drenched ripples on a nearby pond all rush to mind. Available in nine beautiful colorways, Escape carpet tiles have been designed specifically to provide a superior acoustic performance to that of similar floor coverings.


As one of the world’s best-kept secrets, the Flinders Ranges has been able to maintain its rugged, untouched landscape. Ridgetops and outcrops of faulted sediments make this arid mountain range as beautiful as it is geologically and historically important. Along with the acclaimed Wilpena Pound, many other treasures of the Flinders Ranges have been the inspiration for Australian artists, one being Hans Heysen.
The Canyon collection was inspired by the stillness and tranquillity of the canyon floor in the beautiful desert country between Southern California and the Colorado Plateau in the USA. The canyon walls shield you from the noise above. You are at peace amongst stunning beauty. Wildlife abounds in this quiet land. Wildlife that would otherwise be overlooked or dispersed by the noise of modern life. It is serene and enriching. It is quiet. This is where we found the inspiration for the Canyon collection design.


The Monitor collection was inspired by the clean and elegant lines of the design studio itself. Minimalistic workstations with wide screen monitors sit idle late at night. Power-saving mode leaves the screen glowing a dull charcoal while brightly colored data cables punctuate the lifeless office with a sense of the energy that will fill the room in the morning. This is where we found the inspiration for the Monitor collection design; in the stillness of anticipation.

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