Making Quiet TM for better educational outcomes

World class thought leadership drives the Acoufelt Acoustic FWCTM Philosophy of delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces; Floor, Wall and Ceiling.

Great care is given to flexibility and aesthetics in the design of learning spaces. Spaces are designed for flexibility to allow learning to facilitate a variety of subjects and activities, as well as different teaching and learning styles. Aesthetics are designed to create visually attractive and stimulating environments in which the pupil can become immersed. However, too often these beautifully designed, flexible learning spaces fail to deliver a good learning environment due to one thing … Noise!

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Making quieter classrooms with louder ideas.

Acoufelt is all about taking a holistic and integrated approach to solving our customers’ acoustics problems. In the education sector, our focus is Making QuietTM for better educational outcomes, including productivity, well-being and creativity. At the heart of this approach is the Acoufelt Acoustic FWCTM philosophy.

Sterling Education Inc. – Oakland Campus Michigan

Highgate Primary School

Having the right acoustic environment is vitally important for good educational outcomes, especially in those formative years of primary schooling. That is why Highgate School, a State R-7 school, made the decision to install Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles in a recent classroom renovation.

Products featured:

Our acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBackTM

The highest performing commercially graded acoustic carpet tiles in the Acoufelt floor offering feature QuietBackTM. When a carpet is specified as featuring QuietBackTM, you know that the holistic carpet construction has been optimised for its acoustic performance. Acoufelt has a range of acoustic carpet tile collections offering an extensive selection of aesthetic designs and colourways that feature QuietBackTM. It is only carpet tiles that feature both this bonding method and the absence of any hard layer that can carry the QuietBackTM trademark.

Other carpet tile collections featuring QuietBackTM

Quiet Back Carpet Tiles



Quiet Back Carpet Tiles


At Acoufelt, we understand that every learning space is basically a box: a cube of sorts.

Each cube has six sides. We know them as the floor, four walls and the ceiling (FWC). Each surface can reflect unwanted noise. Unaddressed, the reflected noise can reverberate, making the learning space a large resonating box. The space becomes noisy and pupils speak louder to be heard. It becomes a vicious circle… well, actually, a noisy cube.

This fundamental understanding of why learning spaces become noisy has become a key insight for Acoufelt to develop solutions for “Making Quiet” in the education sector.

Any surface that reflects unwanted noise can be treated to absorb a proportion of the unwanted noise.

By applying Acoufelt noise-absorbing products to all six surfaces of a learning space, noise can be reduced significantly. As the space becomes quieter, there is a “double dividend” as pupils speak more quietly, reducing the total noise in the system. Students can now thrive in both a beautiful and peaceful learning space. This approach of using all six surfaces to absorb unwanted noise is known as the Acoufelt Acoustic FWCTM philosophy.

The Acoufelt holistic approach means we find ways to eliminate compromise. Our products and solutions allow you to design for the ears as well as the eyes in the education sector, helping to deliver your desired educational outcomes.

Products featured:

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