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Acoufelt are
revolutionising the
way we soundscape

Our mandate.

Design beautiful and functional products, informed by our
acoustic expertise and interior design intelligence.

Manufacture with precision to achieve exacting
specification, utilising safe and sustainably-sourced fibers.

Keep people at the heart of our approach, ensuring we
continue to be easy to do business with, deliver projects in full and on time, and create optimised soundscapes where the outcome is one of enhanced human comfort, health, productivity, and effectiveness.

The approach
that sets us apart.

The Acoustic FWC™ philosophy is our unique, holistic approach to understanding and proposing solutions. Our expert acoustic design specialists, material, and product designers understand how sound flows through spaces, and how to direct, shape, or eliminate it.

However, people and purpose always come first. This is because we know that every surface, each human context, and the business goals for every space combine to present a unique thumbprint of sound challenge. Only once we understand the unique purpose of a space can we offer an optimal and personalised solution.

Why we should care about acoustics.

We spend approximately 93% of our lives inside. By fostering pleasant acoustic environments to accommodate the people within them, we add value to our businesses, institutions and residences.

adds value through






40+ years of

Acoufelt’s history and expertise is deep rooted in a rich understanding of textile manufacturing, materiality and the commercial architectural and interiors world. Technical knowledge combined with expertise in the science behind creating unique acoustic products sets Acoufelt products apart. Our experience, combined with a culture of energetic innovation and thirst to improve, leads to endless design possibilities. 

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Experience with small
and large scale clients.

Acoufelt partners with a breadth of clients, spanning a range of sectors.

Ongoing work with top,
trusted brands

Engineering an office space that adopts our philosophy.

Future-proofing the leader
in technology.

Creating an innovative space
for health and wellbeing.

The benefits of our holistic approach create ideal spaces for one of our largest clients.

Expanding our acoustic offering to one of the world’s largest multinationals.

Reimagining our offering to
Queensland’s biggest University.

Our expertise and experience creates purposeful places for one of the world’s biggest law firms.

Bringing new ideas
to the next generation.
Invigorating spaces for
people to work and thrive.

A dedicated team
of professionals who
uphold our culture.

Our team consists of a dedicated and diverse group of professionals across the following departments: Product Design & Development, Operations & Logistics, Project Management, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Finance and Human Resources. We pride ourselves on promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion, which has resulted in:

Participation rate of 48% females and 52% males across our staff

42% female representation within our MANAGEMENT TEAM

Over 8 LANGUAGES spoken across our staff, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Persian, Korean, Mandarin and Swedish

Age range of 18-67 YEARS across our staff

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