Jim Hannon-Tan joins Acoufelt global design team

Acoufelt is pleased to announce that it has commissioned internationally renowned industrial designer, Jim Hannon-Tan, to work on the Acoufelt new product development programme for the next two years. The commissioning of Mr Hannon-Tan is a clear indication of the commitment that Acoufelt has to enriching work place environments with unique, clever, noise reducing products.

Mr Hannon-Tan has established his own studio having previously worked for some of the world’s leading studios and brands in design in Milan, Amsterdam and London. Mr Hannon-Tan designed the famous Walnut opener nut splitter as well as the Chili scruncher Piccantino for leading housewares company Alessi. He also worked for a time as Design Manager at Tom Dixon in the UK.

“We are honoured to have Jim working with Acoufelt and being part of our global design team”, said Ben Grace, Co-Founder and Director of Acoufelt. “Jim’s extensive international experience, particularly in Europe, will allow us to take a leadership position in design.”

Acoufelt has developed the Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy for treating unwanted noise in workplaces, residences and places of learning. Recognising that all surfaces in a room reflect noise, Acoufelt has acoustic material that can be applied to the floor, walls and ceiling to deliver a complete solution.

Innovations developed in conjunction with the industrial design expertise of Mr Hannon-Tan will augment the existing offerings of Acoufelt with exciting new noise dampening options.

“We are excited and looking forward to releasing a number of new developments over 2018 and 2019”, said Ben Grace. “Engaging a world-renowned designer like Jim Hannon-Tan will play a key role in delivering our clients with a world class acoustic solution and stay ahead of the game in years to come”.

Acoufelt is establishing a global reputation for “Making Quiet”. The engagement of Mr Jim Hannon-Tan in the new product development process for Acoufelt will inevitably lead to innovative new ways of “Making Quiet”.

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