New Latin Collection in QuietBack™

Acoufelt has announced the launch of a new acoustic carpet tile collection, “Latin”, featuring QuietBack™. The new collection draws influence from the expression of life that is found in Latin dance. In life, as in Latin dance, it is important to move with the rhythm of life – but to move to the rhythm, you first need to hear it, you need to hear your heart. The Latin collection of acoustic carpet tiles is all about Making Quiet™ to allow you to hear life better.

“Dark and light tufting moving in rhythmic but random harmony expressing the essence of life in a way that is universally embraced”, says Phil Grace, Co-Founder and Director of Acoufelt. “Latin dance is the inspiration of this ubiquitous floor covering. It can be used in so many different applications with stunning results. An elegant but neutral expression of polytonal design.”

The Latin range of QuietBack™ acoustic carpet tiles comes in six elegant colour designs:


This carpet tile achieves an acoustic rating of NRC 0.35.

Designed to absorb unwanted noise, the Latin collection provides a foundation for Making Quiet™ in working, learning and living spaces.

To view the Latin collection, click below.

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