When Bentleys Accounting completed the refurbishment of their new offices in Frome Street, Adelaide, they discovered they had a problem. It had noise reverberations throughout the boardroom and training room; a problem they had not budgeted to address. Bentleys contacted Acoufelt to help them solve their acoustic problem.

Acoufelt is in the business of “Making Quiet’.

The Acoufelt Acoustic FWC approach to solving the problem of unwanted noise means that they look at all surfaces (Floor, Walls and Ceiling) for potential noise absorbing capacity. In the Bentleys Accounting office, the floor represented an immediate opportunity to address the acoustic reverberation problem.

Bentleys chose the cost-effective Asteroid carpet tile from Acoufelt to provide basic acoustic treatment for both rooms. The net result was something that looked great but also delivered an immediate acoustic benefit.

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