Sometimes you just want a solution that ticks all of the boxes. That’s exactly what Interior Define got when they installed Acoufelt™ acoustic panels in their showroom space in Chicago.

“The Acoufelt™ product allowed us to achieve a number of things simultaneously”, said Megan Sosik, Principal at PFERRED™, an open line dealership.

“While addressing the acoustics in the space, we have also been able to provide an environment where the client can display new product designs and fabric sample collections making the wall space better utilised.”

Interior Define is a custom furniture design company that needed to be able to display fabrication materials to clients visiting the showroom. This is both a tactile (feel) and aesthetic (look) exercise. Their customers like to understand the texture of each material option as well as having the opportunity to see how they look in real life. This is a much better approach for the client in the design ordering process. Pinning these materials to the wall is a simple but effective solution.

Discussions about materials with clients can often be excitable and noisy affairs. Interior Define are able to address this by the installation of acoustic panels to help reduce the reverberated noise of these conversations from disturbing people in the rest of the office/showroom space. It had one additional benefit as well. The Acoufelt™ panels were used not just for “Making Quiet™” but they also made great pin-boards, allowing the samples to be attached to the wall with humble thumb tacks.

“Installing the Acoufelt solid color panels in AP12-Grey, gave us an elegant neutral colour on which we could display the design materials”, says Sosik. “The installation added acoustic, functional and aesthetic value to the project”.

Acoufelt™ is all about Making Quiet™. To do this, it uses its Acoustic FWC™ philosophy to minimise reverberated noise from floors, walls and ceilings. In doing so, Acoufelt™ tries to eliminate the compromise between designing for the ears and designing for the eyes. In this case, it has also eliminated any compromise on functionality as well.

Photography Credit: Jeff Krouldis at Stand Still Photography

Featured is the acoustic solid wall panel in Grey GREY600 https://acoufelt.com/product/solid-grey-acoustic-grey600/

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