Quantum Advisory Cuts the Echo Using Acoufelt

Quantum Advisory claim that they are not like other accounting firms. They don’t wait until the end of the financial year to provide their clients with a set of accounts and tax advice. Rather, they are in constant contact with their clients, helping them to set priorities, achieve plans and improve their business.

This approach requires constant communication and, as such, they rely on their video conference call facilities. However, their video conference call experience was suffering from office noise and echoes. That’s when they decided to call Acoufelt for assistance in improving their acoustic environment.

Acoufelt provided acoustic wall panels for the meeting rooms allowing them to be used more successfully for confidential video conference calls with clients.

“We are very focused on delivering our clients with exceptional quality service”, says Alistair Dent, Managing Director of Quantum Advisory. “If we are going to have a conversation with our clients, we want it to be a great experience. Having a poor acoustic environment in our office detracted from the overall quality of our service. So, we decided we needed to fix it.”

Often there is a trade-off between designing for aesthetics and designing for acoustics but that’s not an issue with Acoufelt. Acoufelt has a high-resolution printing capability that allows acoustic materials to be printed with photographs or aesthetic patterns without significantly reducing the acoustic properties of the materials. This means that acoustic paneling can be printed as an aesthetic feature wall in an office.

“I provided Acoufelt with a photograph of the New York skyline”, said Alistair Dent. “It looks fantastic and I hope it’s motivational for my team and our clients.”

Quantum Advisory are very pleased with their installation. The quality of their video conference call experience for clients has improved significantly. It is another example of Acoufelt “Making Quiet”.

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