“They did a fantastic job, came up great, brilliant!” Says Mauro.

Mauro owns a barbershop in the prestigious leafy eastern suburbs of Adelaide. It’s an old-school barbershop where patrons come for a short black, chat and traditional barbershop banter.

It wasn’t until Mauro’s partner set up a women’s salon in the back half of the building that Mauro realised how noise echoed in his shop and how noisy it actually was.

The two areas were separated by a three-quarter dividing wall. Because that wall didn’t reach the ceiling, the noise from one area would interfere with the other. With the new women’s section in the back of the shop with hairdryers in constant use, Mauro was amazed at how noisy his barbershop had become. That made the banter more difficult … and that was bad for business.

Mauro turned to Acoufelt to help him in make his shop quiet.

Acoufelt installed special noise reduction panels on the hard surfaces in the back of the shop where the hairdryers were constantly being used. These were decoratively printed to look attractive, fitting into the aesthetic of the women’s salon section at the back of the shop. Mauro also had Acoufelt install a large acoustic panel in the barbershop section to help absorb some of the unwanted sound. This was a bespoke printed panel with some of Mauro’s photographs montaged across the panel.

Installation was difficult because of the cabinetry and other obstructions in the back of the shop however Acoufelt was able to provide expert installation to solve these problems.

The end result was excellent. Mauro believes that there was a noticeable reduction of the noise in his shop.

The truth is, Mauro probably got a double dividend from his investment. The acoustic panels would have reduced the reflected noise from the hard surfaces as one source of making quiet. But as a result, there would’ve been the bonus dividend. With less noise, people would talk more quietly; not having to raise their voices above the noise.

It is a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Making quiet makes quiet.

Mauro is really happy with the job that Acoufelt has done in his barbershop but he thinks he’s only done 80% of the job. He can hear a distinct difference; the rear of the shop is much quieter because it has more panels. Mauro is now talking to Acoufelt about putting some more panels in the front barbershop section.

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