Tesla is about the most exciting and innovative thing to come from the US motor industry in a generation. So when Tesla chose the Acoufelt acoustic carpet tile, Escape colour Cascade for its showrooms in Australia, it wasn’t just about a quieter car but a quieter floor!

Tesla Motors is a Silicon Valley based motor company producing radical, paradigm shifting electric vehicles. The success of their initial roadster sports car helped the world to realise that electric vehicles could be hard on performance but soft on the environment. The Tesla commitment to innovation, clever design and continued commitment to ‘a fun drive whilst being environmentally responsible’ resulted in the launch of the much more affordable luxury 4 door Model S with the “Zero Emissions. Zero Compromise” tagline.

The Model S spearheaded the Tesla launch into the Australian market in December 2014 with the first cars delivered from its St Leonards showroom.

The Tesla commitment to design and innovation had to be reflected in the design of the Tesla showroom. It needed to communicate the symbiotic bringing together of hard performance with soft environmental impact. In the showroom, this is reflected with hard and soft floor areas but without compromise of design or colour.

“We have an ongoing commitment to Making Quiet” said Acoufelt Co-Founder and Director, Ben Grace. “This means that we were able to come up with the perfect carpet square – noise reduction solution in their fantastic new showrooms. Our company is very proud to be associated with this important and innovative project” he said.

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