When leading commercial furniture company Workspace attended the APSDA (Asia Pacific Space Designers Alliance) General Assembly and Congress in Adelaide in September 2016 they wanted to show off something that would make them stand out from the crowd. They turned to their trusted partner, Acoufelt.

Acoufelt is a supplier with whom Workspace has developed a collaborative relationship. Acoufelt provides acoustic materials that Workspace uses in developing quiet work-space solutions for use in open plan offices.

Workspace recognised that Acoufelt has specialist printing technology that allows printing on acoustic material with minimal impact on acoustic performance. This allows designers to create optical illusions – making soft acoustic material appear as though it is hard aesthetic material. This allows for “designing for the eye” to coexist with “designing for the ear” – without the need for compromise.

Workspace wanted something simple but effective to communicate the benefits that they could bring to a project working with Acoufelt. To demonstrate this capability, Workspace simply had their logo and contact details printed on acoustic material and included that in their display.

Acoufelt uses an acoustic FWC approach to making quiet. This approach addresses all the surfaces that reflect noise: floor, wall and ceiling.

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