Acoustic Art Project

The Acoufelt holistic approach to “Making Quiet™” means we are constantly looking for ways to eliminate compromise – specifically compromises that prevent you from designing for the ears as well as the eyes.

Enter the newly released Acoufelt Acoustic Art project. This is a result from well renowned thought leadership, created to deliver instant action in reducing noise in working, learning and living spaces.

Acoufelt is all about “Making Quiet™” through its Acoustic FWC™ philosophy; delivering acoustic materials suitable for all three surfaces; Floor, Wall and Ceiling. This has led to a number of industry specific solutions that eliminate compromise – the Acoustic Art project being the latest innovation.

The Acoufelt Acoustic Art project comprises reproductions of hand-selected and unique works of art by contemporary artists; suitable for hanging in both corporate and residential spaces. Each piece has been printed on acoustic material using a hi-resolution printing technique; a process we call QuietPrint™. This printing process has no substantial impact on the acoustic performance of the material, turning the reproductions into instantaneous acoustic treatment devices.

Acoufelt has entered into commercial arrangements with selected contemporary artists to allow you to choose a design that suits your taste, without having to worry about copyright issues – we have taken care of that. Have a flick through our catalogue of images and “make quiet” in your space today.

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