Inner-city high-rise developments have resulted in new and interesting living, working and learning spaces. People in close proximity need soothing aesthetics and the ability to find a quiet place to think. Such has been the inspiration for the MultiStorey range.

The Multistorey carpet tile collection is a 100% solution dyed nylon carpet tile in the 500 x 500 square format. Featuring QuietBack™, this carpet tile achieves an acoustic rating of NRC 0.40. Multistorey carpet tiles are designed specifically to provide superior acoustic performance to that of similar floor coverings.

Available in six beautiful colourways, the Multistorey range has been designed specifically to provide the architect or designer with the ability to design a space for aesthetics as well as acoustics. Acoufelt helps eliminate the compromise, allowing a space to be designed for the ears as well as the eyes.

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