The Scatter square carpet tile collection featuring QuietBack™ demands no compromise between “designing for the eyes” and “designing for the ears”, achieving an acoustic NRC rating of 0.35.

There is something special about the Scatter range of carpet tiles. Perhaps it is that they don’t look like carpet tiles at all – the tile edges virtually disappear.

Look at a gravel driveway, a well-kept lawn or a forest floor in autumn. The grey stone gravel of the driveway covers the ground like a single sumptuous blanket running from the road to the house. It is elegant, it is harmonious and it is as one. Look closer and you see the driveway is made up of different sized gravel. There are many different shapes, different shades of stone, different sizes. Look at the lawn and you will see irregular blades of grass. Look at the floor of a Plane Tree forest and you will not see a single orange leaf that looks exactly like another.

It is the way with nature. We see unity in difference.

This distinctive uniformity of nature was the inspiration for the Acoufelt Scatter range. Appearing so complete, so unified when laid, that it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish it as a carpet tile. The secret here lies in the irregular pattern that emulates nature – giving us the difference that allows us to see unity.

The Scatter carpet tile collection from Acoufelt will help you in your quest toward Making Quiet™ for working, learning and living spaces. By delivering solutions that eliminate compromise, Acoufelt allows you to design for the ears as well as the eyes.

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