The Terra carpet tile collection is a 100% solution dyed nylon cut loop pile carpet tile in the plank shape format. Featuring QuietBack™, this carpet tile achieves an acoustic rating of NRC 0.40.

Empedocles described the classical world as consisting of four elements: water, wind, fire and earth. Our ears recognise the crackle and roar of fire, the whistle and bluster of wind and the crash and splash of water but the earth is quiet. Mighty rocks and towering mountains stand silent for a thousand years. The wind may whistle around them, waves may crash on them but they stand tall and silent. The earth remains quiet.

Revered in the classical times of ancient Greece and ancient Rome, our understanding of the importance of the earth remains unchanged. Stone remains a symbol of strength. Being grounded remains a symbol of authenticity. Earth is integral to the agricultural bounty of the famous food producing regions of the world and to the great wine regions. The French talk about “Terroir” – the connection with the earth that makes their wine so special.

Like the French, we have drawn on the classical Latin name for the land – Terra – for our collection of acoustic cut loop acoustic carpet plank tiles. Featuring QuietBack™ and cut loop pile, the acoustic performance is exceptional. The Terra carpet tile range from Acoufelt™ can form the bedrock “F” in an Acoustic FWC™ solution.

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