“Welcome to Cash World” By Drew Harrison

Acoufelt Acoustic Art is an art piece featuring QuietPrint™ offered with a black frame. Each piece has strong acoustic properties and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75.

Note: Each purchase is made to order and there is an approximate 8-10 week delivery time from date of order to your region. A shipping tracking number will be provided to track and trace at the point of dispatch.

Available dimensions:**

  • Small – 900 x 900 x 25mm / 35.43″ x 35.43″ x 1″
  • Large – 1200 x 1200 x 25mm / 47.24″ x 47.24″ x 1″

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** Dimensions exclude frame.


Drew Harrison

About Drew Harrison

Drew Harrison is a practicing professional artist based in Adelaide, South Australia.

He has extended his formal illustrative background and forged a path into Fine and Contemporary art. As an acrylic paint specialist, Drew has created a wide range of artworks for private and commercial projects.

Early ventures in the field of illustration included several publications such as the children’s book A Horse and More. An interest in flight has led to a successful period of detailed Aviation painting and regular prizes in the Royal Australian Air Force Heritage Awards. These works have since become part of the Service’s national collection. With an eye for the vast Australian sky, Drew’s observational Landscapes of the Adelaide Hills are a continued exploration of light, shade and vivid hues. He has found success across all these disciplines as either a prize winner or finalist in national competitions. Public acclaim has also been achieved with people’s choice awards and highly commended paintings.

As a contemporary artist, Drew is best described as a “Thematic Progressionist” – one who employs a range of technical and artistic styles to explore an infinite set of ideas and subsequently add greater depth to the interpretation a concept. His work is often split into specific series examining connections across the complexities of human lives. Expressive and primal experimentations can be seen within the Telomere and Intelevisionary works. However, in narrative based, expansive projects such as Project IcarusChasing American Dreams, and Chaos Theories darker themes have been explored using contemplative and realist subject matter and drawing on influence from pop art. Central to each work is an examination of humanity although this is often represented subliminally via mechanical and inanimate objects. This mantra encompasses an artistic journey that is neither fully formed or preordained and yet has a clear determination to provide a point of difference.

A current foray into Military Art, with projects including the Sands of Gallipoli collection, represents a culmination of Drew’s varied experience across multiple artistic techniques. He has been able to draw influence from a pedigree of artists within this specialised area. However, there remains a characteristically fresh and unique atmosphere within each painting as well as his meticulous eye for historical detail and accuracy.

Drew has exhibited in group exhibitions and his paintings are represented in private collections. He is also an experienced art tutor who has gained a reputation for effectively communicating and demonstrating practical art knowledge.

Those open to exploration will find artwork that stimulates the mind and engages

More of Drew Harrison’s work is available at www.drewharrison-art.com/biography. If you see a piece that you like printed on our acoustic panels, feel free to get in touch.

Product Specifications

Acoustic NRC Rating0.75
ArtistDrew Harrison
Product ApplicationWall
Material100% Polyester fibers with more than 60% recycled content
Art SizeSee individual pieces

Technical Information

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Acoufelt™ is committed to removing compromises in the design process. This has driven our approach to QuietPrintTM, eliminating the compromise between acoustics and aesthetics.

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