“Las huellas del amor” By Alejandro Avakian

Acoufelt Acoustic Art is an art piece featuring QuietPrint™ offered with a black frame. Each piece has strong acoustic properties and a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75.

Note: Each purchase is made to order and there is an approximate 8-10 week delivery time from date of order to your region. A shipping tracking number will be provided to track and trace at the point of dispatch.

Available dimensions:

  • Small – 900 x 900 x 25mm / 35.43″ x 35.43″ x 1″
  • Large – 1200 x 1200 x 25mm / 47.24″ x 47.24″ x 1″

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About Alejandro Avakian

Canvas, oils, brushes – they are all materials that from their appearance in the bourgeois world at the end of the Middle Ages forged a tradition that still today is associated with painting. But it is neither these materials, nor others more technological or virtual ones, that have to do with the concept of art. This is perhaps a paradox, impossible to define or explain. What is it that makes an image touch our heart; convey beauty, distress or melancholy, without even putting a name to it?

The artist, like the wise man of the tribe, must know the ritual formulas, the language, must be an initiate himself, but unlike the shaman, he needs to forget everything previously learned to jump to this unexplored space.

Alejandro Avakian has come a long way before reaching this present moment in which he explores the deepest impulses of his being. His images acquire magical and auratic energy both on canvas and on paper.

In his works Avakian redeems the elastic nobility of oil and the flexibility of the ´well tightened´ frame that provide the means to capture his universe nourished by Buenos Aires idiosyncrasy. The colors of the neighborhoods of San Telmo and Barracas are found in them, as are the rhythms of the music of Piazzola, Charly García, the voice of Goyeneche, and Armenian food aromas as well. In the inks of the lithographic stone and in the watery watercolors moving along the paper are the mornings spent at the coffee houses in Dumbo Galleries and the vital quality times in Manhattan.

The image expands and tightens in the large canvases that are born on the workshop floor in Barracas where Avakian paints with his whole body, to imprint on them with each brushstroke the passions and tragedies of his world, of our world. Unbiased by prejudices, in dense explosive connections or in lively songs of color. The imagination of Avakian embarks upon the always risky adventure of finding the not yet spoken words to lay bare the truth.

Product Specifications

Acoustic NRC Rating0.75
Product ApplicationWall
Material100% Polyester fibers with more than 60% recycled content
ArtistRoss Morgan
Art SizeSee individual pieces

Technical Information

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Acoufelt™ is committed to removing compromises in the design process. This has driven our approach to QuietPrintTM, eliminating the compromise between acoustics and aesthetics.

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