WoodBeQuiet Log Cabin WQ04

Stars dot the night sky. Tired eyes after a long day’s hike are drawn to the near sight of the log cabin, where campers beds lay awaiting heavy bodies, bringing them rest and rejuvenation.

The WoodBeQuiet Log Cabin Acoustic Wall Plank featuring QuietPrint™ achieves a minimum NRC of 0.45.

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Acoufelt WoodBeQuiet™ Acoustic planks featuring QuietPrint™ are available in a variety of carefully selected grain aesthetics and achieve a minimum NRC of 0.45

QuietPrint™ applies print technology that colours the fibre with high precision, whilst ensuring air-gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise. The net result is a printing technique that is high resolution, but that has no significant impact on the acoustic performance of the base material.

WoodBeQuiet™ planks have strong acoustic properties, achieving a minimum NRC of 0.45. See the additional information tab for available dimensions.

Product Specifications

Acoustic NRC RatingMinimum 0.45
Product ApplicationWall and ceiling
CustomClick here
Dimensions200mm x 1000mm x 12mm / 7.87" x 39.37" x 0.47"
Material100% Polyester fibers with more than 60% recycled content
Product CodeWDBQPANEWQ04

Technical Information

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