The Acoufelt holistic approach to “Making Quiet™” means we are constantly looking for ways to eliminate compromise – specifically compromises that prevent you from designing for the ears as well as the eyes.

Enter the newly released Acoufelt Acoustic Art project. This is a result from well renowned thought leadership, created to deliver instant action in reducing noise in working, learning and living spaces.

Ross Morgan Collection

Ross Morgan is a contemporary narrative realist painter. He is a visual storyteller at heart and often feels inspired to create dreamlike moments reflective of everyday beauty, geometry and gestures.

Helene Hardy Collection

Helene Hardy’s passion for abstraction presents a fluid and organic aesthetic that is thought provoking and evocative. Her large scale works in acrylic have been acquired by corporate institutions world wide, including an Australian High Commission, and are now in many homes and private collections across Australia, America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore.

Drew Harrison Collection

Drew Harrison is a practicing professional artist based in Adelaide, South Australia. He has extended his formal illustrative background and forged a path into fine and contemporary art. As an acrylic paint specialist, Drew has created a wide range of artworks for private and commercial projects.

Alejandro Avakian Collection

Alejandro Avakian has come a long way before reaching this present moment in which he explores the deepest impulses of his being. His images acquire magical and auratic energy both on canvas and on paper.

Takuro Kuwabara Collection

Originally a conceptual and abstract artist, Takuro discovered digital art quite late in his life and this is where he has excelled. He has had solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Nagoya and many other cities across Japan as well as group exhibitions around the world.

Frank Chinea Inguanzo Collection

Frank’s paintings focus on themes of loss, love, hurt and despair. The works are visual depictions of personal events occurring throughout his life journey. Diluted figures and dislocated entities emerge from the dark scenarios as his way of presenting his subconscious world.

Mitchell Schorr Collection

Mitchell Schorr transcends the boundaries of street art sensibilities and is a guiding force among the quintessential urban artists of our time.

Isabella Cuccato Collection

Having studied architecture and art history at Milan Polytechnic, Isabella Cuccato now resides in Milan, devoting herself entirely to painting. Her paintings are rich in references to ancient painting, but also linked to the experiences and events of modern art.

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