The highest performing commercially graded acoustic carpet tiles in the Acoufelt floor offering feature QuietBackTM. When a carpet is specified as featuring QuietBackTM, you know that the holistic carpet construction has been optimised for its acoustic performance. This works when the face pile layer has been attached directly to the felt, allowing the pile and backing to work together. This significantly increases the air flow capability of the tile, which in turn increases the acoustic absorption results. This is an important acoustic concept.

Traditional methods in carpet construction focus on increasing pile mass to achieve acoustic absorption.

However, this method has the effect of compromising commercial wear ratings. While felt backed carpet tiles have traditionally been viewed purely as an underlayment for underfoot comfort, carpet tiles featuring QuietBackTM have been designed specifically for sound absorption. The air flow, breathable feature of QuietBackTM is the result of removing harmful and sound-inhibiting PVC, bitumen and fiberglass substrates, allowing the product to offer both environmental and acoustical benefits. By eliminating such sound-reflecting substances, carpet tiles featuring QuietBackTM deliver a superior noise absorption capability for the floor.

Traditional carpet tile vs QuietBackTM

Traditional carpet tile

Traditional Carpet Tiles

Acoufelt acoustic carpet featuring QuietBackTM

Acoufelt Carpet Tiles
Superior acoustic performance
Easy to cut and install
No bitumen, rubber, PVC or fiberglass
Superior breathability
Underfoot comfort
Made from >85% recycled materials and fully recyclable content
Excellent resistance to fire
Low maintenance
Thermal efficiency
Certified low VOC
Stain protection capabilities
20 year warranty against
delamination under a castor wheel

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