Acoufelt is committed to removing compromises in the design process. This has driven our approach to QuietPrintTM, eliminating the compromise between acoustics and aesthetics. Soft, noise absorbing materials can now be printed to appear as fashionable hard surfaces – such as wood, brick or cement – without the associated reverberation issues and high cost of materials and installation. Customers can also choose from the unique, hand-selected contemporary artworks in our Acoustic Art range. Additionally, through QuietPrintTM Custom, designers are able to provide their own high resolution images and vector files for print on acoustic material.

When printing on acoustic material, there is often a trade-off between acoustic performance and printing resolution.

Many high-resolution printing techniques involve laying down a hard-setting paint or ink over the top of the base surface. This can result in a filling of the air gaps in the porous surface of an acoustic material. If the sound cannot penetrate the surface of the material, it cannot be absorbed. Other printing techniques allow the colour to “run” in the material, like a drop of ink on a blotting sheet. This can result in poor resolution printing as the fine edge of images blur.

QuietPrintTM applies print technology that colours the fibre with high precision, whilst ensuring air-gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise. The net result is a printing technique that is high resolution, that has no significant impact on the acoustic performance of the base material.

QuietPrintTM Custom

For information on image requirements for custom printing projects, download the Acoufelt photo requirement sheet below.

Standard Acoustics vs QuietPrintTM

Some printing techniques create an impenetrable layer that REFLECTS sound

Some printing techniques allow the ink to ‘run’ into the material, resulting in a POOR RESOLUTION image

Acoufelt QuietPrintTM colours the fibres with high precision, whilst ensuring air gaps remain open, ABSORBING sound and creating a HIGH RESOLUTION image

Printing method has no substantial impact on acoustic performance
Superior breathability
Excellent resistance to fire
Super fine fibres to achieve a smooth surface appearance
Thermal efficiency
Anti-static treated – reducing dust cling
Certified low VOC
10 year lightfastness warranty
3M Scotchgard protection
Highly customisable

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