Sand or Snow both Make Quiet at Christmas

There is something special about the first snowfall of the season, particularly if it happens overnight. The grey wet streets are noisy the night before with the sound of tires spraying water from the road. People are rushing home, hanging up their overcoats and settling in for the night.

The next morning the clouds have gone, there is clear blue sky but it’s freezing cold. You are up before anybody else and the landscape before you is covered in unspoilt soft white fluffy snow. The one thing you notice more than anything is a stillness. The air is quiet. It seems unusual but this soon becomes delightful. It is a special moment.

It doesn’t really snow much in Australia. But travel into the remote sand dunes of the Coorong (or other beaches with dunes) and you will have a very similar experience. The valleys between the dunes are extraordinarily quiet places. You can’t hear beyond the next dune. The air is quiet. The sand absorbs the noise.

At this time of year, it is nice to think of sand and snow. In the Northern Hemisphere, people hope for a white Christmas. In the southern hemisphere, we look forward to our beach holidays.

Acoufelt has enjoyed a wonderfully successful 2017 with projects in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. We would like to thank all of our, designers, acoustic consultants, customers and partners who have helped us on our journey and wish them all “sand and snow” as we continue Making Quiet in 2018!

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