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FilaSorb™ is a high quality felt material by Acoufelt. FilaSorb™ is made from a substantially heterogeneous blend of fine fibers; different denier combined for specific acoustic results. This combination of fine fibers results in a high active surface area for sound absorption, enhanced resistivity, and a greater interface area for dispersion of noise. This means that products made from FilaSorb™ are designed for superior acoustic performance.



FilaSorb™ fibers are made from recycled PET material, such as plastic bottles, which would otherwise end up in landfill and waterways to a devastating effect. Every square meter of FilaSorb™ material contains the regenerated fibers from approximately 135 x 600ml recycled bottles. To close the loop in the circular economy, products made from FilaSorb™ can be recycled again at the end of their useful life. FilaSorb™ products also exceed the criteria set by the USGBC, which recognizes contributions made to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED). Therefore, users of Acoufelt FilaSorb™ products can earn environmental points from LEED for their building projects.



Under the Living Future Institute of Australia’s ‘Declare’ certification scheme, all products made from FilaSorb™ receive ‘LCB Red List Free’ declaration through FilaSorb™ material composition and VOC rating meeting the high standard for CDPH compliance. This guarantees that FilaSorb™ material is entirely formaldehyde and phenol-free.


Quality control in manufacturing and supply

From sourcing to manufacture, FilaSorb™ material is quality controlled at every step of the creation process. Heterogenous fibers within the FilaSorb™ blend are selected and sourced from a small group of trusted suppliers. By combining fibers of different color tones and thicknesses, Acoufelt maintains a high level of control over the color finish. This supply and construction process, combined with our unique dyeing methods, is evidenced in the strong saturation and depth of color of FilaSorb™ products.The nature of the fine fiber blend within the material construction also allow FilaSorb™ products to be cut, beveled and shaped into a variety of patterns and forms, without damaging or fraying the surface or edges of the product.



The high concentration of fine fibers within FilaSorb™ results in a smoother, even and crisp material surface. This surface forms the perfect foundation for high-quality printing using our QuietPrint™ technique. QuietPrint™ applies print technology that colors the fibers with high precision, whilst ensuring air-gaps in the porous material remain open to absorbing noise. The net result is a high resolution printing technique that has no significant impact on the acoustic performance of the base material.


Controlled air flow
Thermal efficiency
10 year lightfastness warranty
Fire resistant
Super fine fibers to achieve a smooth surface appearance
Certified low VOC


Head over to our FILASORB™​ frequently asked questions page.

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