Frank Chinea Inguanzo latest to join Acoufelt Acoustic Art Project

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Miami-based 21st century late neo-romantic artist Frank Chinea Inguanzo has been named by Acoufelt as the latest foundational artist in its Acoustic Art Project. Frank joins other internationally acclaimed and emerging artists Alejandro Avakian, Helene Hardy, Drew Harrison, Takuro Kuwabara and Ross Morgan in this prestigious group.

“Our curators have given us an interesting range of artists representing different artistic and aesthetic traditions”, says Ben Grace, Global Managing Director of Acoufelt. “Frank is a neo-romantic who looks at the world with a brooding sense of introspection.”

Although his work is influenced by the romanticism of William Blake, Frank’s aesthetic also reflects the mood post second world war and the cold war era of the 1950s. Frank Chinea Inguanzo recovers the apocalyptic spirit of those times, stressing his self-observation and his inner experience into his works. Black scenarios and stormy views populate his paintings. Diluted figures and dislocated entities emerge from the dark scenarios as his way of presenting his subconscious world. Expressionistic traits and contorted brushstrokes over thick impasto define his dramatic approach to painting.

“There is nothing superficial about Frank’s work. It is genuine and credible art”, says Ben Grace. “Yet, at the same time, his work is alluring and interesting. It will provoke conversation and deep thinking … and that means you will not tire of it either. You will always see something new, have a new thought, it will give rise to a new idea.”

Frank Chinea Inguanzo’s works, in the tradition of William Blake or Arnold Böcklin, present heroic figures in abyssal situations. They stand as shadows and specters of gloomy allure. An ethereal background of indecipherable universe sets as a dream like imaginary in which the artist lives.

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ in working, learning and living spaces. The Acoustic Art Project takes the works of a limited number of exceptional artists and makes it available to clients printed on acoustic absorptive material utilizing Acoufelt’s QuietPrint™ capability. This capability allows the fibers of the acoustic material to be colored with high precision, resulting in high resolution images, whilst ensuring there is no significant impact on the acoustic performance of the base material. As such, architects and designers can select from a broad range of contemporary artwork prints that can be used to reduce noise in any space.

To view Frank’s Acoustic Art collection, click below.

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