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When you are a fast growing, vibrant leading company in San Diego, California, and you are fitting out a new office building, everything needs to be perfect. It has to look fantastic … and it also needs to sound fantastic!

So, what do you do when you discover that your front entryway, elevator lobbies, and stairway all have an echo problem? You call in Acoufelt to solve the acoustical problems without compromising the integrity of the aesthetic design.

“Our west coast team led by Amy DuFrane applied our Acoustic FWC™ philosophy, looking at the floor, walls and ceiling for the best possible acoustic solution”, says Verne Markham, Sales Director for the Americas at Acoufelt.

The teaching staff at Sydney’s East Hills Girls High School are committed to inspiring their students about their studies. Motivating pupils to engage in a subject is a priority for all teachers as engagement is a key contributor toward successful educational outcomes. But the environment in which the students learn is something that the teaching staff have only a limited ability to change.

When the teaching facilities at East Hills were upgraded in January 2019, the school wanted to provide a refreshed and improved learning environment. They wanted a learning space that was aesthetically motivating whilst simultaneously acoustically effective. This would enable teachers to focus their efforts on creating intriguing subject content – rather than on straining their voices to be heard.

Looking to improve the acoustics of their space, East Hills Girls High School turned to Acoufelt; renowned global thought leader in holistic acoustic solutions.

“Looking to improve the acoustics of their space, East Hills Girls High School turned to Acoufelt; renowned global thought leader in holistic acoustic solutions.”

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ in working, living and learning spaces. Applying its Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy to deliver a holistic acoustic solution, all surfaces of a room – floor, walls and ceilings – are considered as having noise absorbing potential. In the case of East Hills Girls High School, the floor represented a significant open surface that could easily be utilized to reduce reverberation, and therefore reduce noise levels in the learning environment.

East Hills chose Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™. When a carpet is specified as featuring QuietBack™, you know that the holistic carpet construction has been optimized for its acoustic performance. Blending different carpet tile collections allowed for an interesting and motivating pattern to run through the learning space. The school used Multistorey ‘Shadow MU25’, Multistorey ‘Sketch MU04’, and custom Monitor Cable carpet tiles to create a unique floor pattern throughout the various teaching rooms.

The results were astounding. The students and teachers love the look of the space, whilst also appreciate the significant reduction in noise reverberation. A collaborative classroom environment filled which children is buzzing with positive energy – but it doesn’t have to be noisy… because Acoufelt is Making Quiet ™.

Featured is the acoustic carpet tile Monitor in Cable Blue MO06

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