Highgate Healthcare uses Acoufelt

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Highgate Healthcare is a leading provider of healthcare equipment in Australia, focused on raising the standard of living of those in care and those caring for them.

Boasting a range of modern, innovative, and premium quality healthcare furnishings and equipment, Highgate Healthcare needed a high specification showroom to demonstrate and display their products. When Highgate Healthcare moved to their new greenfield built facility at Tonsley in South Australia, they were given the perfect opportunity to build a purpose-built showroom.

The fit-out was designed by Adelaide based specialist Inarc Interior Design. Key to the project was maintaining the aesthetic integrity of the elegant new space whilst allowing healthcare furnishings and equipment to be displayed in near “in situ” scenarios. Added to this, the display had to be quiet, reflecting the ideal recuperative environment so desired in the healthcare industry. Inarc and Highgate Healthcare turned to Acoufelt.

"Creating these individual display spaces with acoustic panels and carpet tiles was a really important decision for Highgate Healthcare for noise absorption during showroom events.”

The use of the Acoufelt Scatter acoustic carpet tile provides that seamless appearance across their whole space. Coloured features were introduced into the floor covering design using the Palette collection – a range with comparable acoustic performance.

Acoustic panels were installed to create a number of separated display areas representing individual hospital rooms. This is where Acoufelt’s advanced bespoke printing capability delivered a significant advantage. Panels were printed with photographic designs to create the illusion that they spaces were genuine hospital rooms. This allowed a number of display scenarios to be set up for visiting customers.

Creating these individual display spaces with acoustic panels was a really important decision for Highgate Healthcare. The panels provide acoustic absorption when they host client events in this showroom to demonstrate their product, so that when there are multiple simultaneous presents, each can be heard by their specific audience.

There is a bigger narrative around acoustics in the health industry that Highgate Health and Acoufelt have touched on in this project. Health care professionals know the health benefits of reducing noise.  Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet, and Making Quiet is about enabling environments that increase the health and wellbeing of others.

“It has been a delight to work with Highgate Healthcare and Inarc Interior Design on this important project”, says Ben Grace, Acoufelt Co-Founder and Director. “It is always important for us to give designers products that they can use to design for the ears as well as the eyes.”

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