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Kyron Audio make some of the best speaker systems in the world. They set the standard for home audio excellence creating three dimensional sound that is true to source, lifelike and incredibly real. As they say, “when you listen to Kyron, you don’t listen to speakers; you listen to the artist”.

A speaker system from Kyron Audio is highly aspirational. They certainly fall in the “Hyper-Luxury” segment of the market. The founders love music and Kyron Audio exists for people who love music and are unwilling to compromise that love. That no-compromise attitude means a set of Kyron Audio speakers command a high price and that their market is global.

Exhibiting in shows like T.H.E. Show in Newport California is really important for Kyron Audio to connect with their potential clients. They are allocated a room in a hotel and they have to convert it into a listening room and exhibition space.

That was a challenge.

It seemed to Kyron Audio that they had a dilemma. Should they design their exhibition space to look beautiful – complementing the physical beauty of their speakers, or should they design their exhibition space to be acoustically optimized with unattractive acoustic absorption materials. They felt that they would have to compromise – and that just isn’t in their nature.

Kyron Audio was introduced to Acoufelt. Acoufelt could provide acoustic materials that could be printed with custom designs – even photographs. Acoufelt’s custom printing method has minimal impact on the acoustic properties of the printed material so this meant that for Kyron Audio, the need for compromise had gone. Acoufelt could enable Kyron Audio to design for the ear and the eye!

Kyron Audio provided Acoufelt with royalty paid images of musicians that were printed onto large acoustic panels. These panels allowed the Kyron Audio team to set the space up acoustically to show off the excellence of their speakers whilst simultaneously allowed them to create a visually stunning display.

“We were really pleased with the result”, says Lee Gray, CEO and co-founder of Kyron Audio. “Our speaker system received some fantastic reviews in the media … but we had an astonishing number of comments online about our acoustic panels!”

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