The Art of Making Quiet at The Precinct

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The Precinct is an innovative co-working and meeting space in the heart of the business district in Sydney’s Olympic Park. It is modern and well-appointed, with attractive facilities including meeting rooms, conference facilities and a mixed-purpose café and lounge space.

The nature of the co-working space means that usage scenarios are always different, and the designers of the space need to cater to this flexible and adaptive use. After contemplating the capacity of its various facilities, management at The Precinct decided they required acoustic treatment to ensure the environment was always comfortable, no matter how many members were utilizing the space.

Management approached Acoufelt who, on applying their Acoustic FWC™ philosophy – viewing the floor, walls and ceiling as potential noise absorption surfaces – recommended additional absorption material be placed on the walls in the corridor area. The nature of the fit-out led Acoufelt’s interior acoustic team to recommend the install of a few bespoke pieces of acoustic art, which would simultaneously give the area an aesthetic lift.

The Acoufelt holistic approach to “Making Quiet™” means Acoufelt are constantly looking for ways to eliminate compromise – specifically compromises that prevent customers from designing for the ears as well as the eyes. The Acoufelt Acoustic Art project draws on images from world renowned emerging and established artists, and uses their images to produce high resolution prints on high performance acoustic material. The resulting acoustic art pieces deliver instant action in reducing noise in working, learning and living spaces.

In this case, the Acoufelt acoustic art solution delivered both a design improvement as well as an observable acoustic result.

With a wide range of artistic styles and pieces to choose from, The Precinct selected two works by Helene Hardy, ‘Coober Pedy’ and ‘Sagrada Familia’, as well as ‘Tree’ by Ross Morgan.

Helene is a widely collected abstract landscape artist who paints with a fluid and organic aesthetic that is distinctively unique. Her original paintings are highly sought after, and currently sit in many private and institutional collections around Australia, America, Canada, Europe, New Zealand and Singapore. Her works have an ethereal quality that transcends landscapes, but the colors – particularly ascertainable in ‘Coober Pedy’ – capture all of the raw emotion, danger and beauty of the Australian outback.

Ross Morgan is a contemporary narrative realist painter. He is a visual storyteller at heart and often feels inspired to create dreamlike moments reflective of everyday beauty, geometry and gestures. His painting ‘Tree’ is a seminal work, taking the dream images and converting them into works that in turn create a great tree of hidden meaning and messages. It is a masterpiece.

“The flexible application of art pieces on the plain walls in corridor has lifted the aesthetics of the space as well as improved the acoustics” said one of the frequenting members of The Precinct. “It is noticeable. There’s just something different about this space.”

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