They Needed a Lobby that WoodBeQuiet™

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When you are a fast growing, vibrant leading company in San Diego, California, and you are fitting out a new office building, everything needs to be perfect. It has to look fantastic … and it also needs to sound fantastic!

So, what do you do when you discover that your front entryway, elevator lobbies, and stairway all have an echo problem? You call in Acoufelt to solve the acoustical problems without compromising the integrity of the aesthetic design.

“Our west coast team led by Amy DuFrane applied our Acoustic FWC™ philosophy, looking at the floor, walls and ceiling for the best possible acoustic solution”, says Verne Markham, Sales Director for the Americas at Acoufelt.

“The high aesthetic expectation of the client made this job perfect for our recently launched product WoodBeQuiet™

Acoufelt is all about Making Quiet™ in working, learning and living spaces. It uses its Acoustic FWC™ philosophy, looking at every surface in a room – floor, walls and ceiling – to deliver a holistic solution.

“As it turns out, the best acoustic solution was to install acoustic panels on the ceiling”, explains Ben Grace. “The high aesthetic expectation of the client made this job perfect for our recently launched product WoodBeQuiet™”.

WoodBeQuiet™ is a range of acoustic panels that utilises the Acoufelt OuietPrint™ capability to give the panels the appearance of planks of wood.

Wood is noisy and wood is heavy so it is not always the perfect material for creating a good acoustic environment and its weight is problematic when it comes to ceilings. But wood is also beautiful. An acoustic solution that has all of the appearance of a wood panelled ceiling was highly desirable for the client.

WoodBeQuiet™ comes in a number of colour options to emulate different types of wood finishes. In this case, the client chose “picket fence”, which was installed by specialty contractor CMS.

“The client was really happy and so were we”, says Ben Grace. “It’s solved the problem. They needed a glamorous entryway, and beautiful elevator lobbies but they needed them to be quiet. Our new WoodBeQuiet™ product range had just become available and this project demonstrated how the high-resolution printed product that we have developed can really deliver a result for our clients”.

Featured is the acoustic wall plank WoodBeQuiet in Picket Fence WQ01

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