UK office fit-out creates comfort in acoustic design

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Leading international companies embrace new thinking and new technology to spark innovation, which is transferred into revolutionary goods and services. As a reputable IT company, your customers expect you to model the best practices. Not only should your internal company software reflect the digital expertise that you are selling to your customers, your physical workspaces should also reflect the world’s best practices.

This is exactly the situation that this IT company found itself in when rolling out a number of facility upgrades across its UK offices. Acoustics had to be a high-order priority. Working within a team of architects and designers, Acoufelt was able to assist the design team in developing a plan for their working spaces that incorporated acoustic design, driven by the specific needs of the space.

One of the key problematic areas addressed were the conference rooms used for meetings as well as video and audio conference calls. Here, a variety of Fracture and Solid panels were installed to reduce the sound reverberation, which is commonly heard as an ‘echo’ to the human ear. The designers were pleased with the range of colourways they were able to select from, opting for panels in ‘Butter’, ‘Piano black’, ‘Carrot’ and ‘Platinum’. The final install made the conference rooms more pleasant for staff to conduct meetings in, as well as vastly improving the audibility of conference calls.

UK office fit-out creates comfort in acoustic design

Utilising Acoufelt’s specialised QuietPrint™ printing capability, the designers were also able to implement an acoustic treatment for the walls with an exposed brick finish in the reception area and board room. The client submitted the brick wall image to the Acoufelt design team, who were able to check the specifications of the image to ensure it could be digitally reproduced onto the panels without losing quality. The rustic brick design complemented the modern furnishings of the interior, whilst also absorbing the noise created by the use of hard surfaces within the space.

The combination of acoustic products supplied by Acoufelt in this project created a finish that catered to both the acoustic and aesthetic requirements of the space. Thoughtful decision making within the design process has resulted in a space that is both beautiful and comfortable for its occupants.

With ‘people’ sitting at the heart of the Acoufelt story, Acoufelt creates acoustic solutions that cater to the needs of the occupants within working, learning and living spaces. Balancing the requirements of different people and places, Acoufelt products remove the compromise between designing for the ears and the eyes.

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