West Franklin Apartments complement modern urban design with comfortable acoustics

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The revitalization of the old industrial parts of inner-city Adelaide has brought new life to what once was an old Balfours Bakery, in a transformation to the city’s hippest urban village tower. Whilst the bakery moved to an industrial suburb at the start of the new millennium, the historic red-brick walls of the old plant remain as a striking design feature of the reception area at West Franklin Apartments.

West Franklin Apartments are ideally located for city professionals looking for magnificent modern designed and luxurious living spaces in the heart of the creative epicenter. The juxtaposition of historic brickwork with a distinctive glass and metal façade are a perfect union between modern and historic design, this interplay also being representative of the values that make inner-city living so attractive.

To match the meticulously designed aesthetics of the space, great care needs to be taken to ensure the environment is designed for comfortable living as well. In city apartment residences, one of the common factors impeding liveability is acoustics. So, what does it sound like to live at West Franklin Apartments?

Fortunately, the developers has acoustics in mind at the outset of their design plans. As the experts in acoustic solutions, they asked Acoufelt to ensure their luxury apartments delivered an acoustic experience fitting of such a prestigious facility.

Acoufelt used its Acoustic FWC™ philosophy to consider all surfaces – floor, walls and ceiling – as either a contributor or a solution to noise reverberation in the apartments. In this case, they recommended that the floors, being a potentially large absorptive surface, could be the backbone of an acoustic solution.

The acoustic team recommended the developers install acoustic carpet tiles featuring QuietBack™. When a carpet tile is specified as featuring QuietBack™, you know that the holistic carpet construction has been optimized for its acoustic performance. From the wide range of QuietBack™ carpet tile collections and colorways, the developers selected “Canyon – Cocklebur” with a noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.35, and “Urban – Manhattan Sidewalk” with an NRC of 0.4.

The carpet tiles both look and sound fantastic, complementing the visual and acoustic design of the inner-city development. Paying tribute to the subtle complexities of the fashioned ambience of history meets modern urban living, Acoufelt acoustic carpet tiles delivered an acoustic treatment without compromising on aesthetics. The result was a design that catered to the ears as well as the eyes.

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