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“Our echo has disappeared”, says Heath Maguire, Creative Director and founder of Wolf IQ. “Not only has the sound quality for phone and video calls significantly increased, the space also looks amazing and perfectly compliments our creative space.”

Wolf IQ is a creative agency in Sydney specialising in website and graphic design. Due to the nature of their work, many team members have the flexibility to work from home offices. Heath Maguire, Creative Director, had a constant problem with the acoustics in his office during phone and video calls.

The office is full of hard surfaces including ceramic tiles, windows, doors, table tops and monitor screens. Coupled with high ceilings, the echo was a real problem. Heath reached out to us after some of his clients asked if he was in a bathroom. There was also a strong desire to inject some life and creative edge into the room to transform the very ‘vanilla’ walls.

This echo became our challenge.

The Wolf IQ team created their own signage board, which was printed onto an Acoufelt Panel and hung like a ‘picture’. This design works well with the concrete pattern they selected from our acoustic panel range. Heath opted for a floor-to-ceiling panel on two sides of the office to achieve maximum visual and acoustic impact. On these walls they also integrated the existing power and light switches for a seamless effect.

On the floor we recommended the Scatter carpet tile in carbon black to frame the floor and to work in with the black accents in the space.

Heath and one of his team took delivery of the panels and carpet tiles and performed the install themselves. Simple 3M picture adhesives were used to fix the panels to the wall for a semi permanent solution. Watch the video for the time-lapse, it only took a few hours.

Heath is thrilled with the results and is looking forward to working more from this highly functional creative space.

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