Spotlight On Pixel Panels

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The Pixel Collection evokes the idea that it is the minor details that come together to tell a bigger story. Comprised of a double-layer acoustic panel with subtle indented color highlights, Pixel panels are a vibrant design aesthetic for contemporary wall and ceiling applications.

The name “Pixel” is derived from the computer graphic term pixelation, which refers to the small dots of color required to give the final clear impression of an image. In the same way, the organized pattern of dots on Pixel panels creates an original, minimalist impression. Minimalism, balanced with the depth and texture of the circular cut outs, makes Pixel a holistic solution for both acoustics and aesthetics.

Thoughtfulness in the curation process means that each of the fifteen available colorways has been carefully selected to complement palettes of leading interior design. These colorways satisfy demands for both contrast and coordination, making this collection suitable for a variety of working, learning and living spaces.

Through a double-layer construction, Pixel panels achieve an enhanced acoustic performance rating, boasting a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.60. Each panel in the double layer construction is also comprised of FilaSorb™, contributing to both the acoustic performance of the panel, as well as the smooth surface finish. FilaSorb™ is a substantially heterogeneous blend of fibers; different denier blended for specific acoustic performance.

In combination with other products in the Acoufelt™ range, the Pixel acoustic panel collection delivers a holistic and integrated Acoustic FWC™ solution – allowing architects and designers to use the floor, walls and the ceiling to absorb unwanted noise.

To view the Pixel collection, click below.

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